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New life for old rocks

Pets in Stone site specializes in pet memorials

Home & Garden

Welcome friends & family to your home with fun, natural displays. Engrave your address, names, messages and more.

Memorial Stones

Remember loved ones & favorite pets with these everlasting memorials. Our personalized stones defy both time & weather.

Gifts & Promotional

Inspire or unwind with our variety of thoughtful, timeless products. Each rock serves as a quiet symbol of any idea.

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our pets give us friendship

...when we're lonesome,

play with us when we're bored,

cheer us up when were down,

and break our hearts when you must leave us.


Memorialize the good times shared...

See a vast collection of custom ideas at Pets in Stone


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 Creative Aptitude

We consider every detail, from the rock's shape to its final resting place, before we permanently etch a design in stone.

Custom Designs

You want it, we'll carve it. From simple text to complex vector art, we can engrave a message with your special touch.

 Personal Service

Our stones often develop into valued, sentimental items. So we willingly invest ourselves in every order, every piece.

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